About Me

Growing up in a small town in Iowa, I never really had that much. My family was poor, and my parents were nearly always gone, struggling to pay the bills. Being the middle child of

Tanner Childs

nine, that’s right NINE, I often had to find ways to entertain myself. Thus, I fell in love with reading.

Over the years my love for reading blossomed into a love for writing, and eventually that gave birth to the stories that I have written and a new dream. I wanted, and still want to, become a published author. More than that, I want to make a living by writing.

As the years went on, this dream changed further. Not only do I want to write for a living, I want to inspire others in their lives. Whether that be their own writing or just some project they are working on, I want to help inspire creativity in their daily lives!

I do it because it is fun, fulfilling, and helpful.



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