The 2%

When you actually stop to think about it, everything is on us. I mean, of course there’s a small sense of luck to the equation, but it is very small.

When it comes to success, to accomplishing what you really want, it’s on you. You can’t blame luck for your failures, even though so many others do.

Why is this? Simple. Since I’m a writer, let’s look at writing a book. A failure, for me, would be to never publish anything, ever, in my life.

Now, I think we can all agree that getting published has a certain amount of luck, as in right place right time. Just for the sake of putting numbers to it, let’s say their is a 2% chance of that. So that’s a 2% chance that I’ll get published at any given moment.

I think we can all agree 2% is crap. Utter garbage odds. But that’s 2% for one. One query letter equals 2%. What happens if I send 2 query letters?

All of the sudden that 2% has jumped to 4%. Still garbage? Yup, but what about another query letter, and another, and another!

Pretty soon that 2% has grown to a 98% chance of success. Why not 100%? Because there is still a tiny fraction of luck in there. But look, luck isn’t the 98% that people thought it was. In fact, luck is the 2%.

So what is the 98%?

Hard freaking work.


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