I’m Back

Sorry for being gone for so long guys. Life got a bit hectic lately, but things are starting to stabilize here on the home front. Hopefully things stay that way, but I guess we’ll see.


But, you know, that’s life. Not everything goes to plan, and not everything comes out good. This go wrong, shit happens, and we move on. After the crap is done, we get up, brush ourselves off, and push forward.


Life might throw us all curve balls, but we can fight back by not giving in.


Stand tall, stand firm, and I’ll see you next time.


Oh, almnost forgot. With putting things out on Youtube (link here) I’m thinking I’m going to switch the days I blog to Wednesdays, maybe more. Of course this might change once school starts back up, and I might also be changing jobs, so different hours.


As you can see, there’s still a lot of change to come, but I’m going to bust a nut to make sure everything goes smoothly.


Alright, that’s it, I promise. Have a good one, and keep putting those words to page!


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