Patience and Persistence

Writing takes a certain level of talent, there is no doubt about that. But I believe talent is overrated. At least, talent for talent’s sake that is. The greatest writers in the world will still be bleeding talent, but they will have so much more going for them, the things that can be going for you too.


I’m talking about patience and persistence.


These two P’s are what will separate the winners from those who walk home sucking their thumbs. Writing, and anything worth doing in life, takes a lot of time and effort. I mean a LOT!


No one wrote a best seller over night. They wrote it over the last two decades and had to climb over the bodies of fallen manuscripts to reach that best seller. They were willing to sit in front of their computer for hours on end pushing out words that no one would ever read. They were willing to do the work, to do what it took to succeed.


And that’s where most people fail.


They fail because they like videogames too much. Because they binge watch Netflix in all their free time. Because they like to go out and drink with their friends.


As a writer we need to get out and see the world, that’s true, but if we shun our passion, our passion will shun us. You cannot write a best seller on some friends, beer, and cheese in a can. No, it has to be written with sweat, red eyes, and a burning passion that’s in it for the long game.


Patience will sustain you. Persistence will make you.


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