The Real Value of Twitter Contests.

There are hundreds of different Twitter contests for writers. Many boast agent rounds, where actual agents look at the work and often request manuscripts.  This is a great thing to shoot for, but let’s be real. Of the thousands of people that enter, only a handful get in, and of them only a few actually get representation.


Now, I’m not saying don’t participate, quite the opposite. I take part in many of these contests because, well, they’re fun!


The real value of the Twitter contest does not come from the grand prize, thought that doesn’t hurt either, but it comes from the experience. There literally thousands of writers all in one location on a single hashtag! That is networking central! ‘


The real value of these contests is the other writers! So many people jump on looking at just the grand prize that they fail to see the gold mine all around them. In almost every event that I participate in I try to say hello to as many writers as possible.  I try to have conversations, discuss work, or just interact with other writers and maybe make a few friends.


The amount of resources that become available at these contests is incredible. There are potential beta readers, CPs, friends!! If we would just take our eyes off the agent round for one second we would see the incredible people all around us.


Now, I’m not going to say that every writer is great at these contests. There are the arrogant, the nasty, and those who have jumped in too early in their writing career, but those are the minority. Most are sensible writers with publish-ready manuscripts and excellent writing skills.


Surf among them, drop a few hellos, and I think you might be surprised at what you find.


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