Patience and Persistence

Writing takes a certain level of talent, there is no doubt about that. But I believe talent is overrated. At least, talent for talent’s sake that is. The greatest writers in the world will still be bleeding talent, but they will have so much more going for them, the things that can be going for... Continue Reading →


The Real Value of Twitter Contests.

There are hundreds of different Twitter contests for writers. Many boast agent rounds, where actual agents look at the work and often request manuscripts.  This is a great thing to shoot for, but let’s be real. Of the thousands of people that enter, only a handful get in, and of them only a few actually... Continue Reading →

Believe in Yourself

Belief in yourself is the most powerful tool you have. Whether you are a writer, a weightlifter, an artist, or anything, you have to believe in yourself. All the people in the world could believe in you, but if you doubt yourself you will still fail.  And that works in reverse too. If on one... Continue Reading →

An Unwanted Truth

First off, that’s a freaking good title! I think I’ll write a short story to that topic. But enough about that, now for the blog.   So, what is the unwanted truth? It is a very simple one that is probably going to piss a lot of people off. And that truth is…   You... Continue Reading →

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