Best 3 Ways to Kill a Character

  In every great book someone dies. Well, almost every great book, there are probably some out there where people don’t die, but I’ve never read any. Anyway, characters die, that’s what’s important.  What could be more important? How they die.   There are three basic ways to properly kill a character; epic, shocking, or... Continue Reading →


Crossing Genres

I’m a fantasy guy, through and through. Not to say I don’t like other books, it’s just fantasy is my thing. Well, my primary thing. But I’m kind of marching into uncharted territory here, at least for me.   So what am I doing? I’m crossing genres, what else.   Crossing genres is one of... Continue Reading →

3 Reasons to Connect with Other Writers

Connecting with other writers is one of the hardest, most important things any aspiring author can do. There are so many reasons to do it, here are just a few:   It will improve your writing.   It does, no question about it. Meeting other writers eventually leads to exchanging work, maybe not with all... Continue Reading →

Writers Must be Marketers

Look, I know that you’re a writer, and that almost inevitable makes you an introvert. But that  doesn’t give you an excuse to hide from the world and not engage with people. You write stories, and if you want to show them to people, you have to put yourself out there! You have to be... Continue Reading →

3 Ways to Make Time to Write

Time, it’s the one resource we waste the most of, but can never get back. Ever second that ticks by is one that will be gone forever. So how can we find the time to write when there are so many important things in our lives? Let me tell you how I do it.  ... Continue Reading →

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